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From meditation to the stage -


From inspiration to creation; life and society has retrained the perfect breath we were born to take. Connecting to the source and harnessing a free and connected breath - it empowers, emboldens, and energizes the self, the brain, the body, the voice, the artist and theart. This is a meditative practice. From the ancient traditions of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bajan, we focus on the concept of energy moving up through the chakras, the pulling of root locks, and mindful breathing techniques. We combine this practice with a tangible awareness of the pelvic floor and connect directly to our power center and support mechanism. We explore sensations in the body and bring them slowly into play. We unpack these sensations steadily as we transfer breath to sound. The practice is meticulously paced, physically active and group oriented. Participants are asked to wear comfortable clothes and be ready sweat and eventually sing. 

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