Carmen: Shadow of my Shadow

Deconstructing the archetypical femme fatale through music and flamenco dance.

Created and Performed by

Audrey Babcock and Paola Escobar

Originated and Produced by Audrey Babcock

Cordelia Istel - Dramaturg and Director

Andres Vadin - Guitar

Diego "El Negro" Alvares - Cajon


Rose Malone - Lighting Design

Elizabeth Smith - Set Design

Carmen: Shadow of my Shadow is an Operatic Choreopoem using flamenco dance, re-purposed songs from southern Spain, moments of Bizet’s Opera Carmen, and vocal and physical improvisation.  Two women, Audrey Babcock and Paola Escobar, wrestle to break down the façade and mystique of impenetrable femme fatale represented by the image of Carmen and the Flamenca. They dig under her suit of armor to find her true self, the messy, human center; the woman who is both vicious and vulnerable, terrified and terrifying, desperately shattered and yet completely whole. In the end, having excavated her gritty and earth bound life, they prep for stage and enter together for the last scene of George Bizet’s Carmen

Audrey met Carmen at a young age.  She knew this character would be a part of her life if she only had the courage to claim her. Over 30 productions and 100 performances later, this original piece is a long-awaited chance to further explore this legendary creature. Making a career of playing this particular embodiment of epic female strength, sexuality, and determination has left traces in her life that she feels called to explore.


Similarly, Paola Escobar, saw a production of Carmen as a young girl and the dancing immediately took hold of her and gave her life purpose. She found her way to Spain as soon as possible and embarked on a career in flamenco dance culture for over 15 years.


Carmen gave each of them many things, but what were they? She also took things away. The blurring lines of life and work take on many layers when up against the idea of what it is to be a woman.

Production Photos

Photo Credit: Freddy Tang

Rehearsal Photos

Photo Credit: Freddy Tang


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Special Thanks to:

Jacqui Bobak, Dean David Rosenboom, Freddy Tang, Heather Rebecca,

David Majzlin, Mona Heinz, and Lauren Pratt.

And of course we couldn’t do any of this without our mini–me’s

playing in our shadows.

All of the love to:

Luna, Marcos, Martina and Jade; besos.