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An homage to Bizet's Carmen mezzo-soprano Audrey Babcock weaves legends of the Old World into a 21st-century musical tapestry that spans generations and genres—from classical to tango, medieval to modern. With musical partner, guitarist, arranger, Andrés Vadin.

Audrey Babcock - Voice, Flute, Percussion, Co-arranger

Andres Vadin - Flamenco Guitar, Percussion, Arranger 

This is more than raising up women’s voices, recognizing glass cielings and breaking them - as artists, producers, entrepreneurs- we are creating a new paradigm for female forward, body positive, uber conscience – woke – story telling not just by women for women, but inclusive of all those who identify as female and supported by those who identify male or neither because it is humanities job to lift up every voice and sing

“Carmen. There is no more iconic woman in Operatic history. She is so singled out that her image has become mainstream and is synonymous with the Femme Fatale. There is no image, no legend, no creature, more riddled with weaponized femininity then our beloved, Carmencita. Carmen’s origin story is rich—it has been written that the author of the original novella, Prosper Mérimée, derived his inspiration for this illusory gypsy from a real-life Sephardic Jew. Though Jews were exotic at the time, Gypsies had a more solid reputation for nefariousness and made a more daring choice for his Parisian newspaper-reading audience. With Beyond Carmen we will explore her Sephardic roots, singing in Ladino or “Judeo Spanish”, similar to ancient Castilian Spanish. We will play with the rhythms, textures, and accents of the marginalized people of the diaspora, and most of all we will sing and cry out for the misunderstood experience of being fiercely female in a time that sees a woman’s strength as something dangerous, dark, and destined for annihilation.”

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