Lily; her life, his music

A bold new theatrical multimedia production featuring the music of Kurt Weill
Created and Produced by Audrey Babcock

“Weill’s brashness and Babcock’s dramatic strengths [are] an ideal match”

-Washington Post

Follow the fictional cabaret singer Lily Weiss as she claws her way through the cabaret’s of Berlin, to the brothels of Paris and finally on a ship bound for America.
Creative Team
Audrey Babcock – Lily Weiss / James Marvel – Director
Ray Fellman – Music Director / S. Katy Tucker - Projection Design
David Majzlin - Sound Design / Vita Tzykun - Set and Costume Design
Tlaloc Lopez Waterman - Lighting Design / Cory Weaver - Photography
Wig and Make-up Consultant - Ruth Mitchell

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Background Photo Credit: Cory Weaver